We saw Joe, Carol, and Ella last weekend here in Salem. Joe and Ella had been suffering from colds which prevented an earlier introduction to Elisha. Now happily recovered, they kindly made the journey down from Battle Ground to meet and greet and hangout. Good times!

Erin’s folks arrived on Saturday for an extended visit. Yesterday, they took Jonah to Hood River for a Thomas the Train exhibit, then we all met up at Erin’s relatives, the Starrs, in Portland. The Robins clan was there, including Adam and Nena’s twins, so Jonah had a good time running around with them (and eating berries off the vines in the side yard).

On the whole Jonah’s adjusted to being a big brother pretty well. He continues to be reasonably sensitive to Elisha’s needs and he’s maintained his strong desire to be helpful. We do get the occasionally screaming fit from him and his mindfulness to what we want has waned somewhat since he turned two, but it’s hard to complain when 90 percent of the time he’s a great kid.

Elisha also continues to do very well. She’s up about a pound in weight and has started to fill out a bit. That’s a nice double-chin she’s go going, for example. Her night time sleeping is up to 4-5 hour stretches, which is FANTASTIC as far as Erin is concerned. Of course it’s not all a bed of roses: Last night I awoke at 3 AM to the sound of baby girl spitting up. Lovely, that. (And earlier in the week she took a break from feeding with Mom in bed to scream in my ear at 2 AM.)

The thing I like best right now is that she’ll very happily fall asleep on your shoulder or chest. When little babies do that it makes one feel stronger, more powerful, and full of love.