The first gift of our 11 year anniversary was given to us by Elisha, who slept some 7.5 hours straight last night for first, and hopefully not last, time. In addition to making through the night, she’s also right in the midst of her “incredibly cute” stage, so she’s got that going for her, which is nice.

It’s been a good 11 years. We’re frequently in that “have young kids, must walk around like a zombie” stage during a good many days lately, but any time I stop and reflect on life I can’t help but smile and feel like the luckiest guy ever.

We had Erin’s cousins Adam, Nena, Lucy, and Noor stay over with us last night, which was a real treat. Jonah and the twins had a great time playing together. For example, this morning they ran laps around the sofa at least a couple dozen times. Good stuff.

Nena’s new Portland bookstore, St. John’s Books, is off to a fine start. We’re eager to go visit, but they’re closed Mondays which has foiled our plans up to this point since it’s been Mondays that I have soccer in Portland. We’ll have to find another day of the week to get there, because we’re very interested in seeing what she’s got going on.

My pulled calf muscle is slowly healing. My best guess is that I’ll be back playing soccer on Thursday or perhaps next Sunday. I’m still a bit gimpy at present.

I started bottle feeding Elisha the other day. Erin will continue breastfeeding (for the first year if all goes well), but we’re trying to slowly integrate a little bottle feeding for those times when Erin will be away at school or elsewhere. So far, so good, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. (I’m not sure I’ll have that same attitude at 2 AM, however.)