Weed, California

Erin opted to join an interview committee to help hire one of her assistants for the year—a wise decision in my view—but the interviews delayed our departure until about 1 PM today.

The kids were great. Jonah helpfully spotted motorcycles (“motos”), trucks, and trains. No trains with cabooses, however, which must have made me and Mom look like fools since we’ve been talking up cabooses for a while now. Oh well. Jonah looked out and identified a corn field (“corn!” he said), which rather flummoxed Erin and me since neither of us had discussed corn with him previously. As near as we could figure, Poppers must have pointed out a corn field or two on a trip with Jonah down to Minto Brown Park. But really, who knows? Kids are information sponges at this age.

Elisha slept most of the trip, which was very helpful. We stopped to feed her at a rest stop once, but otherwise it was clear sailing for Baby Girl.

The last 15 miles into Weed Jonah was sick of the car ride. I can’t say I blamed him. He’d slept through our rest stop with Elisha, so he’d spent all the time in the car without a break.

The Motel 6 in Weed was about what you’d expect. It cost only $56 for the night for the lot of us (Jonah slept on the floor; Elisha in her Kick ‘n’ Play) plus they had a heated outdoor pool. Jonah and I had a pretty good time swimming around and splashing. We finally got out and headed to The Pizza Factory, a local pizzaria of marginal atmosphere and quality. Still, pizza is pizza.

No complaints about the first day’s journey.