My dad called us last night while were at the Motel 6 in Weed to give us the jolting news that my mom had gone in for emergency hernia surgery. I’m not medically knowledgeable enough to say much more than it is serious stuff (all the more so since Mom had a liver transplant in the late ’80s. )

I saw her this evening, and right now Mom is pretty weak and groggy, though lucid enough to answer and ask some questions and to follow basic commands. She’s pretty doped up on pain meds, though, so it’s like to be several days before she’s got it altogether mentally.

They’ve moved her to a recovery room where she can get 1 on 1 nursing care, and though they’re being circumspect in stating their reasons, we’re hoping it’s a good thing.

I will be seeing her again tomorrow morning and post updates here as appropriate.