In case anyone missed the news, I went ahead and became a big brother on June 10. My sister Elisha is a very cute baby, and I like to pat her head, hold her hands, and kiss her feet. Mom and Dad even let me hold her when I ask to, though I notice they don’t quite move their hands away while this is going on. It’s OK, I don’t want to hold her that long.

So far I’ve not really been jealous of her or anything. I’m too busy doin’ my thing—and trust me, my thing needs doin’—for me to get caught up in childish headgames. For now, I’m plenty content that there are a lot of things I can do as a big kid that she can’t do as a baby. Was I really that small once? Nah.

We went camping with Dennis and Maria at Beverly Beach State Park over the weekend. I liked the beach and enjoyed camping out. Dennis juggled a lot for me and took me on several walks which I really enjoyed. Elisha was pretty noisy, but she slept through the night better than I did. In the early morning, I had to wake up Papa—repeatedly—to get him to hold hands with me. I don’t see what the big deal was about that. I mean his sleeping bag was right next to mine. He didn’t seem too thrilled to be awoken before sunrise, but I noticed that he still held hands with me. Good guy, that Papa.

Mom’s been really busy what with the start of school and all. Some days I really wish she could stay home, but it’s been great to go out to school in the afternoon to see her and to watch all the football, soccer, and volleyball games going on. It’s all very exciting, and I enjoy it very much.