Things remain serious. My dad has a high fever (102 degrees) which is resisting attempts to lower it. His heart function is not good, and he has been defillibrated three times, twice this evening. He was stable again when I left at 9:15 PM. The CCU nurse would not offer guarantees, of course, but expected him to make it through the night.

The good news, such as it is: (1) he is not in pain, thanks to the morphine; (2) his kidney function, presently maintained by a dialysis machine, should return to normal eventually; (3) his cognitive function should be unimpaired by all these events, though he sure won’t remember any of it.

So…things are scary and stressful. I am having trouble remaining optimistic because there is nothing in these events which I can control. (I am an optimist about me, my family, and my friends, and the things of which we’re capable.) The last time I felt this powerless was, oh, roughly two months ago when my mom was in emergency surgery.

My brother, my aunt Linda, and my uncle Howard will all be here tomorrow, for which I am grateful.

Otherwise, all I can think to say is that if you pray, please include us.