Overnight news was somewhat mixed, but trending well by late morning. Dad is still very sick, of course, but at least some of the symptoms are being more successfully treated.

His heart rate this morning came down a bit into the 75-90 range, which is a nice contrast to the 110-120 it was doing yesterday. It’s an even better contrast to the 160ish that caused the medical staff to defillibrate him twice last night between 7-9 PM. So that’s a good thing.

His fever remained somewhat high (103) through the night, topping at 104 this morning. Thankfully, this too had come down to 101 by mid-morning and was around 99 at noon. That is very good news.

Dad’s enzymes levels, specifically those for amylase and lipase, have dropped markedly since yesterday which is both normal and a good thing. The lipase level is actually now in a regular range, and the amylase is elevated but significantly lower than yesterday.

For now, all we can do is wait. Our continued thanks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers.