Dad had another stable day. His potassium and creatinine levels are both better than yesterday and he’s producing urine, indicating that his kidney function is improving. They gave him a beta blocker to lower his heart rate (out of the 110 range) down into the 70-80 range, and it seems to be working perfectly. They’ve also reduced the amount of respiratory assistance he’s receiving through the ventilator, meaning he’s doing more of his own breathing. All small but good steps on the road to recovery.

Mom and I have opted to stay in Salem and receive phone updates rather than travel to and from Portland or to take up temporary residence there. At this point our presence at OHSU gains us or Dad nothing, and in fact promises to leave us more tired for when our attendance at his bedside will make a difference.

That said, we are very grateful for the many offers of assistance and housing that we’ve received from family and friends in and around Portland. We may yet take you up on your offers of housing and help when the time is right. Regardless, our sincerest thanks.