Dad had another stable night; doctors are pleased with the progress he’s making. He ran a bit of a temp (100) last night, but they gave him some Tylenol and it came back down. Cultures aren’t back from the lab yet so we don’t know if it’s a secondary infection, but it wouldn’t be unusual if it were. They’ve got more antibiotics they can throw at it if need be.

Odds are good that they’re going to try waking him up in the next day or two. We have been advised to stay away during this time. Apparently when people come out of long-term sedation, it’s not a pretty picture: He won’t know where he is, why he’s in pain, who the people helping him are, etc. And he’ll still have so many drugs in his system that lucidity won’t exactly be his brain’s nearest neighbor.

But all of this is a step forward, and, should it go well, we hope to see him and communicate with him by the end of the week.