Dad’s journey toward full health continues. With assistance, he can stand up and take a couple steps to a chair. They have him sitting in the chair for a few hours a day. It tires him out, but that’s hardly unexpected. He’s getting a little oxygen assistance, but he doesn’t use the mask anymore. All his vitals are good.

It turns out that he does indeed have shingles, so Mom can’t visit until further notice (likely to be about a week) and all other visitors have to wear a mask, gown, and gloves. It’s an inconvenience, but only a short-term one, so our complaints are minimal.

They moved him out of ICU the other day. He’s now in a general surgical recover ward on the 14th floor of OHSU, in a room with a picturesque view of the Sellwood Bridge and a section of I-5. Unlike ICU he can have more than 2 visitors at a time, and there are no restrictions (of which I’m aware) on the visiting hours. I plan to see him again on Wednesday.