Dad’s safely tucked away in a South Salem rehabilitation center, and other than being exhausted from all the rehab work and not having much of an appetite, he’s doing very well. He faces a long and arduous rehabilitation in the months ahead, but I’m confident that he’ll be good as gold by summer.

The Davisons will be celebrating Christmas part 1 at our house this year with Mom and Bret, then we’ll all head over to see Dad for a bit.

Later that afternoon, we’ll be flying with the kids down to California so that we can do Christmas part 2 with the Lillys and the Petersons. Haven’t flown with both kids before; that should be an adventure. (Props to Erin’s cousin Adam for the lift to the airport.)

We sent off our Christmas cards today. Sorry to everybody for being a bit late. Extenuating circumstances, you understand. On the upside, I’ve posted two new photo galleries—over 70 new images—which I think you’ll enjoy.

Merry Christmas, dear friends and family!