Great kick, great return negated by holding. Good thing, too.

Looks like Randle El is OK after being upended on the return. Whew.

Great long catch by Ward. Nothing for the Bus. Ben in for the TD! And the review says YES! (I think it was a TD, by the way. Looked to me like Ben get the ball to the line before he and the ball were hit backward.)

Bizarre end to the half. Seattle wasting time right and left and the Steelers calling time out? Holmgren’s explanation at the end of the half was something about still being irked about the TD call. Somebody needs to tell him that there’s a game on. 7-3 halftime score isn’t great for the Steelers, but we had a much better 2nd quarter than the 1st. Got the defense some rest, and after a really poor 1st half, we still have the lead. We’ll need to play better the rest of the game.