Seattle throws the pick! Personal foul on Hassleback follows. (Lousy call (again) on the review.) Thank God! We desperately need to get our defense a little rest.

Randle El to Hines Ward on the gadget! Baby! That’s what I’m talking about! 21-10

Did Hassleback fumble? Looks like a Steeler touched him before he was down but while he was going down. I have no idea if that makes it a fumble or not. ‘hawks probably deserve a call in their favor by this point though. I think they’ve been jobbed by the refs a couple of times. ‘Hawks win the challenge.

7:13 left in the game. Sack on the corner blitz! Ouch. 6:20 left; seattle punts into the end zone.

3:04 Seattle out of timeouts. Pitt runs the ball.

2 minute warning. Seattle will get the ball back, but 11 points in 2 minutes with no timeouts. That’s a challenge for you.

Terrible clock management again by Seattle at the end of the half, but it hardly matters.

VICTORY! Now I can die happy.