Vying for the best news of the week (the Steelers winning the Super Bowl is hard to top) is this: My dad comes home on Friday. Other than a three hour visit last week, he’s not been home since October. That’s a lengthy and tough unscheduled vacation. God bless all the people who thought of him and prayed for him as well as all the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who did their bit. He’s very lucky to be alive, and we’re enormously thankful.

Here at Davison HQ, we’re also getting a new roof over our head. Not that we’re changing locations like Dad. Rather, the roofers have at long last begun their work. The tile roof is just about entirely gone; the shake roof under that is next. Then they’ll throw down the plywood on the skip sheeting, roll out the felt, and nail in the new 50-year Elk Prestique shingles. If goes well, this new roof will last us a good long time.

It’s pretty clear that the house itself is already much happier. I was chatting with one of the roofing guys and he said that six tiles weighs 95 lbs. In terms of removing weight from the roof, then, we can measure it not in pounds but in tons. After 30-40 years of bearing this kind of weight, I’m sure the house is just saying, “Ahhh, finally!”

I feel the same way.