Nothing much new to report on the health front(s). My dad is puttering around the house, slowly but surely regaining his strength (which he’ll need for that 10 rounder we’ve scheduled for him against Mike Tyson in August).

Mom will be up at OHSU through at least Thursday. She’s having a bit of a liver rejection episode, and they’re going to go with some stronger immuno-suppressant drugs to see if they can get everything working again. They’ve got even stronger ones in the back of the closet if they need to dig them out. Meanwhile, she’s rather upbeat and cheery. I’ll travel up to Portland to see her tomorrow which should cure that right quick. =)

In world affairs: The best part of Dick Cheney shooting somebody (other than the guy not being dead) is that even this news the administration tries to delay, obfuscate, and spin. That’s just good comedy!