Kids and I hung out with Ginger, Laura, and Emily on Friday. Ate yummy blueberry muffins. Had good time. Will do it again. =)

Played in co-ed indoor soccer game Friday night with Dave and Bret. Destroyed the other team (final 10-1). Had good time. Will do it again. =)

Saw Dennis and Maria on Saturday. Checked out Dennis’ digital camera and impressive zoom lenses. Received cool demo on Dennis’ XML-based help system that he’s doing for work. Had good time. Will do it again. =)

Picked up my mom in Woodburn, meeting Bret halfway as a rendezvous point. Drove my mom and dad to Fred Meyer. Waited three hours while the pharmacy filled her prescriptions (though this isn’t a complaint—two of those hours were past their closing time). Not a great time. Hope not to do it again. (But thrilled that Mom and Dad are both home and relatively well. That’s been a long time coming.)

Work on the roof is finally complete. King & Dehut, the roofers, did good and comparatively inexpensive work at a snail’s pace. If you don’t mind the wait, I’m happy to recommend them. They removed the tile and shake roofs, repaired all the dry rot, put down plywood on the skip sheeting, put down felt, put down Elk Prestique 50-year shingles, and flashed everything. They cleaned up pretty well, too, which I appreciate.

Next up: Gutters and cleaning the debris out of the attic.

Why will my next TV be an high definition (HD) TV? Take a look.