Dad: Home from the hospital, walking without help, adjusting to taking insulin and being a diabetic. He even drove the car by himself the other day. He’s not as strong as he was back in mid-October, but he’s definitely on his way.

Mom: Liver numbers from OHSU look good. She’s still on an outpatient treatment to make sure everything stays OK, but her long-term prognosis is excellent. Mood is great.

Ty: Just passed his Apple 10.4 certification test and is, consequently, high as a kite over it. Rapidly recovered from his cold over the weekend, too, which is notable only because he never used to have that good of an immune system.

Erin: Very busy with school. How she’s juggling that and being an awesome mom is beyond me, but she’s doing it. From 3:30 PM or 4 PM each day until bedtime she’s hanging out with the kids while Ty tries to keep his business afloat.

Jonah: Jonah is Mr. Movement right now. He loves physical activity, whether it’s running or jumping or singing or dancing or soccer or football or whatever. He’s game for it. He’s also started playing with Mac OS X, and can close and minimize windows on the screen. It’s a start.

Elisha: Happy little Elisha (aka Howler Monkey, ‘lisha, Okey-Dokey Baby, Cutie Von Yewie) has been sick with a cold since last Friday. The poor girl isn’t completely unhappy, but her nose has been running (and blowing snot bubbles) full blast. On the upside, she’s now pulling herself up to standing and taking a few steps while holding onto tables, chairs, etc. She also crawls really fast.