They should stick a giant Q on our front door and circle our house several times with caution tape. I got the flu bug last night, and experienced the worst vomiting episodes I’ve encountered in years. Erin is maybe 75 percent now, increasingly well throughout today. Jonah threw up with me last night, adding extra fun to Erin’s role as Dr. Mom. Elisha, happily, seems unaware and unaffected.

I’m hopeful that by Tuesday morning I’ll be able to nibble on a cracker. Jonah’s further along in his recovery so he’s on soup right now. Expect full health for him tomorrow morning. I don’t know when I’ll be back together, but I’m very grateful that Erin and I weren’t caught in the throes of this at the exact same time. (Saturday night and Sunday I was Dr. Mom; by Sunday night it was Erin turn.)