Germany 4, Costa Rica 2: OK, here we go! 40 seconds and we have our first foul. Huh, looks like the ref has a headset of some kind. Looks like something Britney Spears would wear. Fortunately she’s not calling the game. Germans with early run of play and a decent shot down the middle at the 2:50 mark. Love the Ticos, but they’ll be lucky to get a draw out this. OMG! What a goal at the 5 minute mark! German dude cuts in from the wing, defender loses his footing and bing! right off the far post and in! Brilliant score and great way to start the tourney!

Here’s hoping the Germans don’t go into a shell, because except for maybe the Italians nobody’s better at packing back, playing boring-as-anything soccer, and winning 1-0. I hate it when they do that. Let’s hope for a Costa Rican goal. So far not much attack out of the Ticos while the Germans are getting chances. CR had to konw that the Germans would come out firing. You don’t host a World Cup and come out tentative. Eleven minutes gone, Germans still with the run of play. This is Germany without

Goal Costa Rica! Was he onside? Didn’t look like it at first, that’s for sure. Where’s that replay? Yes, I think he was. Goal looks legit. Live by the trap, die by the trap, that’s for sure.

Goal to Germany! Costa Rican defense shredded. Pretty goal. No offsides—defender in the corner didn’t get back; kept everybody on, though it might not have mattered. I think they were onside anyway.

Costa Rica called off in the 37th minute. Bad call. Germany lucky on that one. Their trap is not operating at 100% efficiency today. Everything else is looking good, though, and Ballack isn’t even playing for them today. Halftime: 2-1 Germany.

Ten minutes gone now in the second half, and it’s apparent that Germany is just the better team. That’s not to say that Costa Rica couldn’t score again or even win the game, but the German squad is simply more talented. They’re going to go far in this World Cup.

Another goal to Klose! Costa Rican defense beaten badly. They just look exhausted, and why not? They’ve been running all day. Germany 3-1. Goal Costa Rica! Wow, he looked offsides again. Let’s see the replay, and…oh yeah, he’s off. Germans got hosed on that one. Ah well, they deserve a good hosing. 3-2 Germans now…If Costa Rica can sneak in another one and get a draw, they should be incredibly pleased with themselves.

Oh nevermind. Germany cranks up a beauty in the 86th minute. 40 yards out. Great, great shot. 4-2 German and the game is over.