Argentina’s national anthem is up. Becomes a real foot-stomper at the end, likely a tribute to the frustration the citizens had with their currency in recent years. Ivory Coast (aka IC) anthem is next. Sounds like it’s in French, a fitting tribute to the lingering effects of colonization. I’m sure they’re very proud.

Diego Maradona, mostly recovered from the gastric bypass surgery, takes his seat in the stands.

IC getting chances early. Argentina on a corner in the 13th minute. Was that in? Boy, it was close. Maybe not the whole of the ball over the whole of the line, but I dunno. Love to see a good replay. Showing replays now…looks in to me, but obviously very close.

First 21 minutes done. Good action, with Ivory Coast having the run of play. Goal! To Argentina in the 24th minute. Nice finish off a free kick. Jonah says he’s cheering for the purple team, a object made more difficult by Argentina wearing white and blue and Ivory Coast wearing orange. Erin suggests it’s Team Barney.

IC misses a great chance in the 29th. Another in the 31st. Love that they’re bringing it. It will be very interesting to see how Argentina’s defense holds up. So far, I’d say fair. Wonder if they will wear out. IC misses again in the 33rd. Another chance in the 34th. Wow, what pressure!

Goal to Argentina in the 37th! Looked offside…replay says nope. Guy out the play was, but offside position isn’t offside. Amazing. IC attacks, attacks, attacks, controls the run of play, and is down 2-0 at halftime.

Yellow card to Heinze of Argentina in the 49th. Good call. I can’t get over just how in love with the first half Argentina has to be. Their defense gives up shot after shot yet they’re up 2-0. I’m not sure that such defense bodes well long-term, but this is the only thing that counts right now.

Good shot for Argentina on a free kick in the 55th. First sub in for IC. Another yellow to IC but it was a huge dive. Ref totally bit on it, too. That’s what makes me hate Argentina, right there. Bunch of whiny divers. (Sorry, Bret.) Another dive in the 67th minute. They’re making me ill.

IC with a good chance in the 69th. Gotta finish those. Almost again in the 71st. 15 minutes + injury time left now. IC has yet to solve the puzzle of the Argentinean defense. First sub in for Argentina. IC off the wall. Was that 10 back? Didn’t look like it. Second sub for IC. Same hairstyle, though. Corner to IC. Nothing.

Argentina now playing keep-away. Good defensive stop on a giveaway by Argentina. Another good shot missed at the 79th minute by IC. Yellow to Argentina in the 81st. IC scores! In the 81st minute! Now we have a game!

Argentina kills some clock. Six minutes left. IC needs another one. Who’s got the legs for this? No goal!?! Oh, yeah, he was offside. Still a nice finish.

IC still bringing the pressure. Argentina holds well up top. Three minutes injury time. Yellow for the Drugoba of IC. Dope. Sub for Argentina, probably adding another defender. Game over, with Argentina lucky to escape. IC very unlucky not to have a better result.