Does Trinidad have any prayer of winning? Well, one would think not, but Sweden hasn’t won an opening World Cup game since 1958. Sweden is getting some good attacking chances, but hasn’t finished anything yet. 14 minutes in, and not a whole lot to comment on. Other than the ABC announcers are iffy at best, but that’s not news.

First yellow card. Looked well-earned by the Trinidad player.

Great counter attack by Sweden in the 22nd minute. Too bad they couldn’t finish it; would’ve been spectacular.

Some good runs for Sweden; Trindad occasionally getting the ball played into the attacking third but not typically very well. 30 minutes gone now. Time of possession: 64% to 36% for Sweden.

Trinidad with a good shot in the 33rd minute. Not much else for Trinidad until near the of the first half. What this game really needs is a Tridad goal. That would force Sweden to really commit guys forward, because if they can’t do better than a draw with Trindad, well, England wins the group and Paraguay may well come in second. 0-0 at half.

Lalas says England had a good game earlier. Foudy breaks it down correctly: No continuity between midfield and forwards. They need to do better. Quick video bit on Landon Donovan which adds nothing to our knowledge or understanding of him. Lalas says that everybody on the US team believes they can win. Thanks, Alexi.

Terrible call to start the second half! Awful call! Red card ejects a Tridad player. Not even a foul in my book. Worst call of the match. Worst call of the tourney up to now. Horrible, horrible call.

Great shot for Trinidad in the 58th minute. Huge strike just missed. Point blank save of Swedish shot just after. Good action now. Sweden bringing it but unable to finish. 78th minute, another point blank save for the Trinidad keeper. ABC reminds us that Sweden is in yellow, Trinidad in red. Thanks.

Sweden upping the pressure. A draw here is bad, bad news for them since presumably England and Paraguay will both destroy T&T, the smallest nation to ever qualify for a World Cup.

85th minute now. Larsson misses wide. Tridad defense looking tired. 89th minute. Trinidad trying to kill clock. Larsson picks up a yellow, well-earned. Three minutes stoppage time.

Game over! TnT, it’s dyno-mite! Sweden can’t be happy with that. Good match for the viewers, though.