And we’re off and running! Portugal with a great attack from the opening. Just wide. Would have been a 10 second goal. I hope we see more of that! Cross from Figo easily handled. Portugal defense so far under no threat.

Portugal scores! In the fourth minute! Nice run, nice finish. Portugal seems to have too much pace for Angola, and Figo completely beats a defender and assists Pauleta for the goal. Very pretty.

Angola has never been to the World Cup and they don’t look to be in this one very long unless something changes. Portugal’s forwards having no qualms about attacking defenders with pace, even if they don’t have numbers. I like it!

Portugal’s keeper fakes an injury. Loser. Portuguese tend to do some diving. Not as bad as most South American teams, but still.

Pretty attack from Portugal in the 10th minute with a couple of fancy moves. Countered immediately, but bicycle kick misses. Great action. 40 yard shot on frame. Nice try, Angola. Foul as Figo brought down. Free kick into the wall.

Portugal with the run of play, but the wide-open style is giving Angola countering chances. Angola keeper down on a long ball that Portugal sent just wide.

Corner to Portugal in the 19th minute.

Yellow to to Ronaldo in the 26th. Yellow to Angola in the 27th. Off the post in the 34th! Good action, entertaining game. Portugal applying lots of pressure through the 39th. 59%-41% to Portugal in time of possession.

Big shot from Angola at 42nd minute. Great save! Figo sets up a cross and huge shot in the 44th. Great save! Header misses toward end of first half regular time. 2 extra minutes. Seems to be a fair amount of slipping by players, something that I’ve seen in other games as well. Rained last week, but one would think the fields would be dry.

Yellow to Angola for something completely unknown in extra time. Awful call so far as I can tell. That’s half, 1-0 Portugal.

Early second half chip shot by Portugal comes up short. The frequently (always?) underachieving Portuguese need another goal to insure that an Angola, who they’ve outplayed to this point, doesn’t sneak one past and win a draw. Iffy call in the 49th minute, better call in the 51st. Yellow now for dumb play to Angolan player. Portugal still controlling possession.

Corner to Portugal in the 55th minute. Nothing. Shot at the 57th just wide. Another saved in the 58th. Angola with their first sub in the 59th. Out goes Akwa, who said famously about their World Cup qualifying, “We have proved that Angola is not just about oil, war and poverty.” Just mostly, right?

Portugal with their first at the same time. Portugal with a great chance (saved) in the 60th.

65th minute with mostly Portugal in control. Angola’s interestingly named “Loco” slams one into the stands in the 68th minute. Yuck. Second sub for Angola. Angola gets a chance, but can’t pull the trigger in the 70th. Portugal’s second sub at 71 minutes. Figo is off changing his Nikes. Blisters like Ronaldo of Brazil? Love to hear the Nike corporate spin. At least he’s not changing into Pumas or Adidas.

Fifteen minutes left. Portugal is still attacking. Dive gets Portugal a free kick with 14 minutes left. Figo to take. Dangerous. Or not.

I like that Portugal is attacking—it makes for a much more entertaining game. Probably ought to be looking a more of defensive, possession oriented approach at this point. Card for Portugal’s Valente at the 79th miute. Angola makes their final sub.

Ten minutes remain. 81 minutes in, Portugal makes their last sub. Six minutes left, Portugal stays on the attack. I appreciate it, really I do. Possession 59-41 to Portugal. Pauleta tries and failos to dribble 5 guys. Throw to Angola equals nothing. angola gets a chance at the 88th minute. No cigar. Portugal icing the puck.

Three minutes extra time. Angola could luck one in, but that’s probably what it would be. Both times looking fairly tired. Great shot in the 91st. Good save to Angola’s keeper. About a minute left.

That’s the game. Good effort, good game. 1-0 Portugal.