We’re in dark blue, a perfect opportunity for Nike to sell more shirts. Lots of fouls against the US early. Ref is calling it tight.

Not much other than fouls in the first 3:30. Looks like Lewis and Cherundolo on the side defense for the US. Onyewu fouls again and gets a yellow. Not even 4 minutes gone. Geez.

Goal to Czech republic in the 4:50 mark. Were was Lewis? Kasey had no prayer against the 6’7″ forward, Koller. The bigger problem was that the cross was utterly uncontested. We had no one within 10 yards. Depressing opening for the US, finding that the Czechs can score if left almost entirely unmarked. Guess we’ll actually have to play side defense if we want to stay in the game.

US starting to get some pressure forward in the 10th minute. See if we can maintain it. Weak corner kick play.

Keller nicely off his line. Good thing. That forward was outpacing Beaseley, which is a heckuva feat.

US with the run of play, though, so that’s something. Going with a fair amount of long-ball, which is unlikely to work against the tall Czech defenders.

Donovan gets a yellow for a Czech defender. Good attack with pace. Beaseley can’t control; so far a bad game for him.

20 minutes gone. So far Donovan playing well. Beaseley not. Free kick cleared, Cherundolo beaten, header missed. Univision misses the restart.

Claudio Reyna off the post in the 27th minute. Too bad, it was a great build-up.

Couple offsides against the Czechs. Not sure a trap is the thing to play the way with the Cup refereeing being so hit or miss. Worked so far, though.

Brilliant goal in the 35th. Fantastic shot from 35 into the side net. No chance for Kasey. 2-0 Czechs.

Corner to the US. Wasted.

Koller looks like he pulled a hamstring in the 42nd. He’s not coming back. That’s a shame. He’d played well and given the US problems. Yeah, they’re signaling for a sub. Bummer. They’ll stretcher him to the locker room. Glad he’s not a faker, but that’s small consolation.

Beaseley continues his disastrous game. Give away, give away. He’s going to need to redeem himself somehow, and since he can’t finish, it’s hard to see.

Extra time now. 2-0 at half. Yikes.

Uneven action in the first 10 of the second half. US subbed in O’Brien and Johnson for Maestroni and Cherundolo. Good moves, and a fair admission that we can’t play the Czechs in our present configuration. Of course if what we need is a proven goal scorer,

Yellow to Reyna which is earned. He’s gone through a couple of guys now. 60 minutes gone. 30 minutes remaining for the US to get something done. Huh. Stretchering off the guy Reyna fouled. Ankle thing…give him some magic spray.

US lucks out after the free kick. Minute later another dangerous Czech attack. US has nothing so far in the 2nd. The wide crosses into the tall Czech defense just aren’t going to work unless we hit McBride perfectly. Don’t bank on that. Stuff up the middle much better for us.

Beasley finds his man at the last possible second, saving a point blank shot. Corner to Czechs. Nope. Do it again.

67th minute. off post. Nice try.

Johnson unloads in the 24th, just wide.

Pope down in the 26th. Jammed thumb I think. He’ll live.

Great cross in the 29th just missed by Johnson. nuts.

US shredded down the middle in the 31st. Goal to Czechs. If Italy’s Totti is watching this, he’s salivating.

Wolf in for McBride, last of the US subs. Hardly matters now. 3-0 won’t be overcome. The Czechs have given up some chances, but they’re hardly Japan.

Convey’s nice run net’s nothing. 12 minutes left, in a dismal US showing. Anyone out there now willing to buy my argument that warming up against crap competition was a mistake? I suspect club commitments keep us from putting the team together much faster than we do (or else we should do that too), but we can at least play some decent teams in our tune-ups.

Yellow to Czech player. Johnson unloads again, just high.

Phantom foul called against Donovan. Easier to be upset if the game’s outcome were still in doubt.

Well, about six minutes left in this disaster. The Czech finished their chances well, not so the US. Bad time to mention Taylor Twellman? Yeah, probably.

OK. That’s it. 3-0 to Czechs. After one game we’re in last place in the group, no points, zero goals for, three goals against, and are well on track to equal our 1998 result, with “the best US team of all time.” All I can think to say is that I hope Italy self-destructs and that Ghana stinks worse than we do right now. The noontime game that’s coming up will be illuminating.