Poor Poland. Is there another team besides the US for whom high World Cup expectations were so cruelly dashed on the rocks of reality? The Polish national anthem, “Blitzkrieg Us No More, Please” plays while players mouth the words and hope the German side was paying attention. Now the German Anthem, “We’ll Blitzkrieg You If We Feel Like It” follows. Do the Poles have a chance? I’d estimate it as about the same as they had in World War II. Or, in a word, no. Cameras flash to the two coaches, Jurgan Klinsman and Sam the Eagle. Good luck, Sam.

Yellow to Poland 2:30 into the match. Another foul. Looks like the Polish strategy is a little World War II payback, which is to say if you can’t beat them, at least beat them up.

Both sides have chances in the opening 15 minutes. I would love, love, love to have Poland score and force Germany into greater attack.

Twenty minutes gone now, and the Poles have been diving like Greg Louganis. Klose misses a header for Germany that was makable. Keeper off the line distracted him I think. Poles get a corner in the 22nd. Come on…cleared…another corner.

Free kick for Poland in dangerous spot in the 25th. Blocked and cleared away. Poland is bringing it, and God bless’em for that. I still think they’ll lose, but I’m glad they’re making a game of it.

Another Yellow to Poland, Sobolewski this time. Keeper easily grabs the resulting fre kick.

Chances back and forth with Germany missing a golden one in extra time. 0-0 at half. That’s as good as Polish goal, really, because Germany really wants the points from this. They’re going to keep attacking.

Second half action continues to be good. Opening five minutes are up and back. Corner to Germany at the 5 minute point. Poles get lucky on it. Klose just misses another header shortly thereafter.

Ballack gets a yellow for what looked to me like a dive. Schwansteigger of Germany is having a game on par with Beaseley for the US, another way of saying it’s a horror show for him out there today.

Players are getting upset with one another which is great. Somebody’s gonna get tossed, I bet.

Major save by the Polish keeper in the 64th minute. Good action continues.

Polish player tossed (second yellow) in the 74th minute. Germany with major chances in the 79th minute. Polish keeper coming up huge. Under 10 minute in regulation now.

Germany is circling like vultures. Poland is having trouble getting any attack. We’re going to see 10 minutes of Germany offense and Polish defense I think. Another corner to Germany in the 82 minute. Poland subs a defender. Bet the guy coming out is tired.

Five minutes left. Poland’s offside trap has caught Germany twice in recent minutes. Three minutes left in regulation. Two minutes as Germany misses wide. Poland looks exhausted. One minute. Germany twice off the post from less than six yards. Then offsides. Keeper was beaten on both, which is no crime. Poland makes a sub. We’re in extra time.

GOAL! GOAL to Germany in extra time as the Polish defense final decides it’s too tired to mark any more. After a spirited effort including for my money Man of the Match honors for their keeper, Poland has just watched its World Cup 2006 hopes disappear. Too bad.

1-0 Germany in a thrilling match for everyone.