Seeing as how almost all the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis, I hope I’ll be excused for hoping Tunisia kicks their soccer team up a tree. President Bush’s bizarre and unfounded claims of Bin Laden terrorist links may not have made sense speaking about Iraq, but you can’t say the same about Saudi Arabia.

Tunisia gets a good early attack into the box, but a foul/dive goes uncalled. Probably the right non-call in hindsight, but it easily could have been called a PK or a dive as well. I’m reminded of just how awful a soccer referee I am and how hard the job is.

Tunisia’s early advantage has disappeared as the Saudis mount increasing pressure. To the extent that two bad teams can give spectators a watch-able game, so far, so good.

Tunisia scores on a massive half volley, though they also had two guys in an offside position and one who one could argue had an effect on the play. (If you have to duck as the ball rockets past you, are you effecting the play?)

Tunisia picks up a couple yellows for hard defense. They’re going to need to be careful in the second half or they’ll get somebody tossed. Their attack has been more potent than that of Saudi Arabia, but if the Saudis push forward in the second half they may well equalize.

1-0 Tunisia at half.

The Saudis execute a textbook cross and finish early, then capitalize on a horrible defensive collapse by Tunisia in the 80th minute to take a 2-1 lead. Entertaining game, but parental duties are preventing me from blogging much of it.

Tunisia sends a good chance just high in the 87th minute. Getting some chances at least. Bad touch in the 89th dooms a Saudi counter. Free kick to Saudi Arabia just outside the box as regular time expires. Hits the wall, goes off the post. Confusion on the ensuing corner kick gives the Saudis a free kick just in from the corner flag. That shot is wasted high and away.

GOAL! Tunisia ties it up two minutes into extra time. Wow are these defenses porous. It’s not like the Saudis didn’t have numbers back. They just couldn’t defend. Attacks go back and forth for the final minute or so, but that’s it, 2-2 for two teams that probably won’t make the second round and certainly don’t deserve to.