England in white, Trinidad in

The English national anthem, “God Save the Queen,” leaves unanswered the question “From what?” Catholicism? A son like Charles? A prime minister like Blair? Inquiring minds want to know. Trinidad’s anthem is longer and won’t be hitting the Top 40 anytime soon.

Blogging like many games this Cup will be light as parental duties prevent me from typing as frantically as I am normally capable. I’ll do my best to hit the highlights, but I’m sure you’ll understand if, like yesterday, a diaper blow-out pulls me away from the game.

Pretty lousy half from England, though they get a few chances. Trinidad looks at least as good. The big question now is whether or not England has another gear or if they really are as bad as they’ve shown.

Bad call gets Grey of Trinidad a yellow. England misses the resulting free kick. They continue to get good looks, at least. Rooney will be coming in, hopefully for Crouch, in the near future. Nope for Michael Owen. Hate that sub. Owen’s done OK, Crouch has done nothing. Admittedly Crouch is something like twice as tall as Owen, so maybe the coach figures he’s getting two players in Crouch for the price of one. If it’s true that you can’t teach speed, it’s also the case that you can’t teach height. No question that’s worth something. England also subs Carragher out for Lennon in; no position changes. That’s all at the 57th minute.

England is having a better second half. Much better pressure, though TT gets the occasionally opportunity with solo runs, but that’s unlikely to get it down. England’s midfielders continue to hit it to the keeper, put it wide or pump it over. Dangerous isn’t good enough, however. They need a goal.

And there it is! Crouch heads it in in the 38th minute of the 2nd half. 1-0 England.

GOAL! To England in extra time on a nice shot. 2-0 England which should ice the game.

A Trinidad goal is negated by offsides just after. Looked onside to me if “even is on,” but either way it won’t change the result.

2-0 England wins after a much better second half.