Admittedly, I don’t expect Mexico to have much trouble here. This is Angola’s first trip to the World Cup, and while it may not be their last, I sure didn’t pick them to make second round. At the same time, the Mexican defense is plenty suspect, especially in the air. Angola has a chance to play the ball up and finish a header. Maybe more than once.

Mexican shot goes just high 1 minute in, then the Univision feed craps out and we miss the next two minutes. Boy you’d think that they’d be redundant systems for this. I mean what are the odds that Mexican-Americans, of whom there are millions, might be tuned in for the Spanish language broadcst of the Mexica game?

Lots of injury time in the opening 10 minutes. Angola gets a yellow at the 12 minute mark. Free shot off the post after going right through the wall.

Angola getting lots of pressure forward and a few shots on goal. In terms of offense, they’ve really done better than I expected, getting lots of corners and crosses.

Yellow card to Angola in the 43rd minute. Looked like a div to me, but maybe not.

Mexico close in the 44th. Looks like half time will be 0-0. Yep.

Kids have prevented any second half blogging which is a huge shame because it’s been a good second half. Mexico’s had something like a dozen changes to put one in, but hasn’t managed. Angola’s keeper has come up big when and where it mattered. Angola had someone tossed on a handball which was actually a second yellow in the 33rd minute of the second half. They’ve been playing defense pretty much ever since.

Good stuff. Three minutes extra time now, and Angola on the counter. If they hold on for a 0-0 tie, I’d say that they got everything they wanted out of this game. It’s not like they couldn’t have won it, either, but as a loss would have toasted their second round hopes, you can’t ask for more.

And that’s the final, 0-0.