Ivory Coast has the run of play in the opening 20 minutes, then Netherlands rockets a free kick just outside the box. 1-0 Netherlands.

Ivory Coast follows up by getting a yellow.

Less than 3 minutes later, Netherlands puts in a second goal with some nice passing in the attacking third. Near side attacker was in an offside position but not involved in the play. The player who scored was on. Too bad for Ivory Coast. 2-0 Netherlands at the 28 minute mark.

Ivory Caost jets one off the post in the 32nd. Great shot. Assuming they don’t lose heart over the score, they should be able to put one in. The Netherlands defense just isn’t that good.

Robben gets deserved yellow for diving in the box. Dope.

Yellow to Netherlands defender in the 35th. Resulting free kick headed well high.

Ivory Coast! GOAL in the 37th minute on a great run past three defenders! Brilliant shot! 2-1 Netherlands. Now we’re getting a game!

Drogba gets a yellow for grazing the keeper. Weak call.

Ivory Coast completely blows a 2-1 breakaway in the 41st. Gotta finish those.

And there’s the half. Good game thus far.

Ivory Coast has the early run of play, and some good chances.

Bommel gets a yellow the 57 minute mark, but I couldn’t see why. Looks like the ref got talked into it. Netherlands controlling now with IC getting occasional counters.

Netherlands possession advantage now 54-46 for the game.

Foul have a card. Yellow to boka for tripping a guy on a breakaway. Bit of a dive, but still a foul, I think.

Robben with an attack, but it yields nothing. IC on the counter. Also nothing. 70 minutes gone.

IC with lots of chances in the 76th minute, but can’t get it in. Saved off the line, in fact.

Diaper disaster prevents blogging (for neither the first nor last time, I’m sure). IC applies lots of pressure but can’t get in the equalizer.

Final 2-1 to Netherlands.