The big test here should be whether or not Portugal can put together a full 90 minute game against inferior talent. Everyone was generally happy with how they came out in their first game, but their quality seemed to devolve over the course of the game and their inability to finish early other than once in the 4th minute on an admittedly gorgeous play led to a 1-0 victory over Angola. Iran, who can hardly be considered world-beaters needs to be put away resoundingly if Portugal are to answer remaining questions.

Portugal with the run of play in the opening 12 minutes with Iran getting occasional counter attacking chances. Iran’s playing a lot of defense. Portugal getting corners, crossing to the top of the box and attempting volleys. Love to see that work, but it can’t be high percentage.

Yellow to Nekounam in the 19th minute for a foul against Figo.

Yellow to Madanchi in the 31st minute.

Portuguese header saved off the line, shot in the 34th minute goes just wide. Figo takes one to the face in the 35th. Man, was that a high kick. He’s got cleat marks on his pretty face.

Portugal gets a chance or two in the next 10 minutes, but then Univision’s satellite feed drops again(!) in the 44th minute just like yesterday. Good lord, man, it’s only the biggest sporting event in the world. What are you using to transmit this, two tin cups and string? Here’s an idea: Have a backup system available. Those of us getting up before 6 AM get testy when our soccer is interrupted.

Well, I’m guessing that’s half time, 0-0 being the score.

OK We’re back. Deco gets a yellow for a high kick in the 2nd minute. Wow, the feet are getting up there.

Yellow to Costinha at the 60th.

GOAL to Portugal on a cross from Figo and a beautiful shot from the top of the box. Right into the corner. 1-0 to Portugal.

Iran makes a sub, presumably forward for a defender. 61st minute, Portugal makes a sub.

Iran just misses on a long ball in the 63rd. They’ve not had many chances, but they have gotten a couple of good ones.

Kaabi gets a yellow in the 73rd for stopping Cristian Ronaldo’s run. Good call.

Free kick to Iran in the 75th to the left of the box. Dangerous. Off the wall for a throw. Amounts to nothing.

Nice header by Iran in the 77th. Figo fouled in the box? I think it’s iffy, but he’s won the PK. I’m guessing the Ronaldo slots this without a problem. Oh yeah. Blows it by the keeper like he wasn’t there. 2-0 Portugal.

Portugal takes out Deco and puts in Tiago at the 80th minite. Think Deco had a card earlier, so it’s probably not a bad move.

Figo out somebody else in.

Iran still attacking which is nice, but this will likely end 2-0. And yes, that’s what it is. Portugal is going to the second round. Iran is going home.