OMG! Ghana scores in less than 2 minutes, accomplishing what the US couldn’t do in a full 90 on Monday. What a stunner!

1-0 Ghana. Ghana plays an inspired first half with some decent chances. In fact, on the whole, I’d say that they outplayed the Czechs, which is something nobody (or certainly not me) expected. Dunno if they can hold on, but great effort thus far.

1-0 to Ghana at half.

Yellow to Lokvenc early in the 2nd half. Czech goal negated by offsides early as well. Ghana with a great counter in the 51st minute. Czech sub at the 55th. Ghana with a PK in the 65th minute. The ref red cards the defender which is inexplicable unless it was a second yellow. The PK taker gets a yellow for taking it too soon, which also seems harsh, then he misses the PK off the bar. That would have iced the game.

Yellow to Ghana at the 74th minute. Point blank shot saved by the Czech keeper in the 78th.

GOAL in the 82nd minute! Ghana pumps it in. 2-0.

Yellow card to Ghana.

Ghana offside on a 3 on 1 versus the keeper. Unbelievable that they could blow that. Honestly, if Ghana could stay onside it would be 5-0 at this point.

Late yellow to Ghana. Dumb play. Could have been a red, and that two minutes into extra time. Resulting free kick well saved by the Ghana keeper. Corner from that well saved by the Ghana keeper. And that’s the game, a huge shocker, 2-0 to Ghana.