Totally against the run of play Tunisia scores in the 8th minute. Good goal, huge shock. Will Spain implode as they always seem to on the World Cup stage? Along with France and Portugal, these guys are known underachievers, and unlike France, they can’t claim to have ever put that title aside.

Probably a 70-30 possession advantage (I’m guessing) to Spain, but it’s 1-0 Tunisia at half.

Rain is pouring down now in the second half, diminishing Spanish hopes. With their fancy one-touch passing and superior technical skill minimized by the wet conditions, it will be even more difficult for them to put in the equalizer.

Spain’s Raul gets the equalizer 26 minutes into the 2nd half as Tunisia’s defense finally breaks under the pressure. 1-1.

Spain puts in the game winner (presumably) at the 76 minute mark. Great pass. No problem for the attacker to beat the keeper who’d come well off his line. 2-1 Spain.

PK for Spain in the 44th. Goal for Spain. 3-1 Spain, and that’s the final.