The good news for France is this:

1. Their defense looks just fine against vastly inferior opposition.
2. Zidane will return from suspension for the next game.
3. There will be a next game after today’s 2-0 victory over Togo.

The bad news:

1. Without Zidane their midfield is fairly shaky.
2. They have no finisher on the team. Henry might do well at the club level, but despite his goal against Togo (which frankly I think I could have made), he’s been a huge disappointment at the World Cup.
3. If France could finish easy chances they would have beaten Togo by at least 5-0. Other teams will not be as forgiving.

In other action, Switzerland topped South Korea. I was sort of hoping for a tie so that both teams would advance. Despite my love of Zidane’s play, the French just don’t deserve to move on.