Despite a couple of decent chances for Ghana, you get the feeling that Brazil didn’t break a sweat in the first half. Ronaldo easily scored his 15th World Cup goal making him the scoring leader. Indeed, it took the Brazilians only 5 minutes to break the Ghana offsides trap. Adriano got a yellow for flopping in the box, but he should have been ostracized by his teammates for failing to pass to an open Ronaldo instead of trying to take the keeper 1 v 1. Brazil’s second goal before half time? Definitely offsides. I’m not expecting a Ghana comeback in the next 45 minutes.

And it looks like I was right. Ghana again had some OK chances, but this game was never in doubt. Brazil scored again to make it 3-0, but one wonders how they’ll do against top-flight competition, something they have yet to face in this tourney. Playing the winner of France v. Spain, Brazil will likely have to step it up a notch.