Players line up pre-game behind the “Just say no to racism” banner. Note to FIFA: That “Just say no” bit hasn’t exactly solved our war on drugs problem here in the States. Don’t expect great results out of yours.

OK, inquiring minds want to know: What in the world was Rooney red carded for? The foul didn’t seem intentional and the push afterward on the other player was mild compare to everything else we’ve seen.

After a rather unexciting 120 minutes, Portugal wins an exciting penalty kick shootout 3-1. Thanks be to God. If England had gone on, they would’ve been without Rooney (red card), Owen (injury), and potentially Beckham (injury). A team that was already skull-crushingly boring would’ve been that much more so. At least Portugal—who will get two midfielders back from suspension for the next game—offers the possibility of a pretty game.