Los Altos, California

We took the drive down from Salem to Los Altos in two days, overnighting on Thursday in Weed, California’s Motel 6. The big virtues of Motel 6 and Weed? Price and a swimming pool for the former, equidistant location for the latter. The kids bore the trip well, something for which we are quite thankful.

We caught our friends Shan and Heather and their boy Marcus on Friday night, a fortunate connection since they left for a week-long Tahoe vacation Saturday morning. Good, good times.

We spent a very happy Saturday at Bonfante Gardens, a family-oriented amusement park near Gilroy. We’d done Bonfante a summer ago with a larger group, and I’m happy to report that Jonah enjoyed this time around just as much. Maybe more so, since he did a lot more splashing around in the water areas. The thrill rides aren’t nearly as adrenaline-pumping as what you’d get at Disneyland or Great America or what have you, but that also works to keep the number of annoying teenagers to a minimum. Great fun for families and highly recommended for the same.

We met Jennie and Jon for brunch on Sunday. I resisted the ever-present urge to pester Jon, who works at Apple, about unannounced products since he’s under a NDA and can’t talk about them (even if he knew anything) anyway. I did ask if he thought Apple would be improving .Mac, which could stand either a price cut or a substantial feature bump in my view. I’m sure we’ll know more after the World Wide Developers Conference in August.

We’re spending the week going over to Mark and Christine’s place in Redwood City and hanging out at their swimming pool in the midst of these 90+ degree days. Cousin Jared’s been sleeping over in the same room as Jonah, and they’ve done very well spending time together. It’s been really cool to see them get along so nicely.

The weather here has been hot, though apparently our mid-90s temps are being bested by the high 90 and 100+ temps in the Willamette Valley. The upside, of course, is that women wear less in such circumstances, and of this I will always be an unabashed fan. Hurray for summer!