After a couple days’ journey up the I-5, we are home. Our deep thanks to the Lillys and the Petersons for making a vacation such a successful one.

Our return trip saw extremely hot temperatures. After breakfast at Bill and Kathy’s Restaurant in Dunnigan, I checked the car’s temperature gauge. 122 degrees. Now that’s 122 only if you’re standing in direct sunlight clad in sheet metal, but that’s still dang hot. The highest accurate reading of the outside temperature was likely the 112 we got in Redding, California as we drove through. Thank God for A/C.

The kids slept mostly on the today’s trip from the Motel 6 in Weed, California to Terri and Jim’s house in Eugene. Jim wasn’t feeling up to par, but we had a nice chat with Terri under the shade of a tree out back while dipping our toes in a wading pool. It made for a nice visit and helped mightily to breakup the monotony of the driving.

Now home we begin the arduous process of checking up on everything. I’ve called approximately seven different drywall companies to work on the garage thus far. Only one has deigned to return my call, and he only said, “I’m too busy. Call somebody else.” So dear friends of strong back and pizza-loving stomach, if you’re within driving distance, there may be a Davison Family Garage Dry Wall Day in the not-too-distant future. I will try to schedule it on a day when the evidence of Global Warming isn’t so pronounced.