After a wonderful Davison Clan Christmas celebration today, we head tomorrow down I-5 to the Lillys and Christmas part 2. We are slightly ahead of the game in terms of packing, the downside being that virtually nobody has received a Christmas card from us yet. Look for them on Tuesday or Wednesday. (Sorry.)

Today’s affair was great. The kids really enjoyed seeing Brama and Poppers and perhaps especially Uncle Bret who lives in Portland and consequently they don’t see as often. Befitting their ages of 3 and 1, they did (and in Jonah’s case said) many amusing things, the biggest howls probably being generated by Elisha’s post-bath streaking. I feel so lucky for get-togethers like this, especially given the health issues of my parents in the last year.

The minivan is loaded and ready to go. No, we won’t venture off the map, or take obscure, snowy roads toward the coast. Yes, we have chains and a vehicle with traction control. We have our cell phones. We have food and water. We’re even going to get up early and try to do the thing in one day.

With the help of Mom, Dad, and Bret, we did finish up our Christmas cards this evening. One thing I always enjoy about the cards is the reminder of friendship and support that comes with them. Not to turn all mushy, but we’re blessed with some wonderful friends and relations, and we continue to be ever so grateful for your love and support.

Merry Christmas, everyone!