Erin teaches high school English. Although the spelling has been cleaned up on some quotes so that they’re understandable, they’ve been left “as is” on others since the spelling errors are part of what’s funny. And now, Student Quotes courtesy of brave young writers finding their “voices.” We could hardly ask for better entertainment.

“I think we should come to school for like four and half hours. We should come in to school at 9:45 and come out like at one or 12:00 something.”

“I just wish, so wish, wish wish wish that I never cheated on him, and getting with his brother never helped my case.”

“There is among many issues that our high school classes do not address. The use of drugs is one of the issues that have elevated to be one of the leading and most concerned problems in schools across the United States. The other that I find is the misuse of young athletes by their coaches. This is what I believe to be the world’s biggest disadvantages to progression.”
—Opening paragraph of a student essay published in the Statesman-Journal’s Academic All-Stars section on Jan. 27, 2006.

“…But for me, passion can be summed up into two verbs: softball and reading.”

“It takes forever to heal a broken heart, but once it’s healed, it’s the best feeling ever!”

“Thoreau thinks he will gain more power and knowledge when he and nature unite in freedom.”

“Hatred towards Carrie from other students, scared to death from the cause of her mother, and feeling stupid for certain things was the main cause of the destruction of New England.”

“Huckleberry Finn, the King, the Duke, and the crockery basket are all guilty of wearing masks and contributing to the theme, Appearance vs. Reality.”

“What I see in the poem is that it’s like there is this girl who I believe is facing death right in the face.”

“This government they produced is called a documarcy.”

“Well its a horable world out there with ignerite people…”

“Self expression is one of the most underrated forms of communication of today…People have been expressing themselves throughout music for many years and should be allowed to do the same in school.”

“This song relates to me because like in everyone’s life, they probably have had a couple of close calls with life or anything.”

“Native Americans were the first known people to be on land.”

“I believe that I have been biting my tongs for long enough.”

“The reason I think a guitar describes me is because my dream is to be a famous guitar when I grow up.”