The great thing about being sick, perhaps the only good in it at all, is that the experience typically imbues me with a sense of gratitude. Undeniably, I should feel and express this sentiment more often, but illness throws what I have to be thankful for into stark relief.

The kids are sick, Erin’s sick, I’m sick—turns out I even popped an ear drum this afternoon. (By the way, that’s every bit as painful as it sounds—or doesn’t sound, as the case may be.) But as I told Erin, “There’s nobody I’d rather be sick with.” That’s a rather lame valentine, but it has the virtue of being genuine.

I hope I’m more mindful of the sentiment when I’m not hopped up on pain meds, antibiotics, and Sudafed. Jonah’s coming out of it, Elisha may have turned the corner, Erin will probably be better if she can get a good night’s sleep, and except for my ear drum I feel OK. I hope I’m still feeling grateful when I return to health, and then, for the rest of my life.