Baby #3 is kicking and squirming appropriately. We had our latest doctor visit on Tuesday, and it appears to be all systems go. Due date of June 17.

We are all more or less recovered from that horrible cold in February/early March. My hearing is up to about 50 percent in my right ear and should be 100 percent in another month or two.

Jonah’s having wonderful fun in preschool at Sprague. He goes twice a week, two hours a shot. It gets him a little socialization—which I think is overrated, by the way—but more importantly it gives him a whole new environment to play in. Finger painting, reading new books, playing new games—it’s all great. Plus he’s got a “buddy,” a high school student in the child development class, so he gets one on one attention. Awesome.

Elisha has started using words more consistently. Many of them are French, which keeps me on my toes. She’s also a runner and a climber, two attributes with their own sets of challenges.

Erin’s plugging away at school, with spring break happily only a week and a day away. They changed up a lot of her classes at the semester, so there was a big grinding-of-gears transition, but she’s a pro and has handled it well.

MacAtoZ, my company, successfully introduced the MacAtoZ Service Suite in late January/early February. It’s a remote computer support program plus a whole lot more. Response has been terrific at the consumer level, so I’m beginning work on a corporate version which I hope to have available in the next few months.

Turns out I did a fairly horrific job of financial management in 2006 and our tax refund will be the largest it has ever been. I’ve used this opportunity to transfer a bulk of money from Erin’s rollover IRA (what was her 403(b) from the Saint Francis days) to her Roth IRA. Without changing anything else, next year’s tax situation should be much more in line with my stated preference of never giving the government a free loan.

When it comes to 2006, though, what’s done is done. We’ll be using the money to upgrade the family room. Here’s the plan:

1. Reverse some closets out of my office into the family room;
2. Insulate the interior wall between the rooms;
3. Open up and insulate the exterior wall of the family room;
4. Replace the windows in the family room;
5. Install French doors to the backyard in place of the virtually unusable monster door that exists there presently.

For those curious, no, I will not be doing all this myself. I plan to hire out the closet reversal; the taping, mudding, and texturing of the sheet rock; and the installation of the windows and French doors.