News item: Rutgers women’s basketball coach to write autobiography

Let me tell you this “nappy-headed hos” comment, an insult so vile that somehow every major media publication has seen fit to reprint it (unlike if Imus had used the N word or dropped an F bomb), is the gift that just keeps on giving.

The most priceless quote of the story is from team spokeswoman Stacey Brann who says that “the coach is not trying to capitalize on the controversy.” Now I’m not saying that Coach Stringer doesn’t deserve a book deal or that she hasn’t had sufficient adversity in her life to make for a compelling story. It’s just that capitalizing on sudden fame is second nature in this society, and I’d be surprised that the players didn’t have book deals too if it didn’t squash their NCAA eligibility.

BTW, count me among those who think that Don Imus will be back on the air—or satellite radio—within six months to a year. Not that I’ll be listening.