I’m not a Hillary Clinton fan. If forced to I may vote for her, but the list of candidates I prefer is pretty long, including every other Democratic candidate and maybe a Republican or two (though if I had to name a Republican for whom I’d vote right now, I don’t think I could do it).

So it should be no surprise that I was less than smitten by her praise of the Rutgers women’s basketball team and their “bravery” in the face of, well, some idiot’s unkind remark. I continue to think that, like most of what Hillary does, there was little that was brave and a lot that was self-serving. They may not have asked to be insulted on national radio, but in their response they’ve certainly asked for everything that’s followed (publicity, book deals, meetings with presidential candidates). Yes, their pain has been great indeed.

I’m amazed that people continue to be lauded for talking about how hurt their feelings are. But I’m amazed by a lot of things nowadays.