Thanks to Dave and his parents, we spent our Memorial Day weekend out in eastern Oregon by Sisters living the high life at the Black Butte Ranch. Everyone (Dave, Jake, Erin, Jonah, Elisha and I) all fit comfortably in the cabin on Aspen Lake.

Dave’s folks have owned the place as part of a time-share for something like 30 years. I remember going with Dave and his family as a kid and all the bike riding and swimming that entailed. (I also recall a few college age trips with Dave that invariably seemed to contain some disastrous component. I believe I’ll take a pass on reliving those events right now.)

It was great to introduce Jonah and Elisha to Black Butte. Aside from the air just smelling fresher and cleaner than the city, we saw lots of wildlife—deer, squirrels, ducks, geese, fish—and even took a short drive over to a nearby fish hatchery to observe and feed some trout.

Erin and I also managed to figure out what we’ll be calling our next kid if it’s a girl. Boy’s name still uncertain.

Huge thanks to Dave and his folks for the great weekend!