I’m not saying that I expect that the Democrats will suddenly grow cojones and actually do the deed, but I couldn’t agree more with this commentator who says that they should subpoena Cheney.

Of course if the Vice President gets impeached, who’ll run the country?

But I don’t think the Democrats even have the guts to go after the Veep. It’s amazing, since both Bush and Cheney have repeatedly violated their oaths of office, but the political calculation must be that it’s better to have the lamest of lame ducks in office instead of a viable candidate for 2008 who would then enjoy the power of incumbency.

This wouldn’t be horrible logic except for three things: (1) it’s driven by politics not morality; (2) we have to live with Bush’s disastrous presidency for another 18 months in the meanwhile; and (3) the retirement or death of Supreme Court Justice Stevens (a robust 87 year-old) would give Bush the opportunity to move the court 6-3 to the right for decades to come.