Obama is now tied with Clinton in New Hampshire at 31 percent, Edwards trails at 14 percent. Undecideds at 13 percent, nobody else cracks single digits. See the poll here.

I’ve long said that Clinton’s advantage in most polls up to this point has been name recognition only. She remains (to my mind inexplicably) popular with a vast number of Democrats, but her negatives remain sky-high amongst those who prefer other candidates.

South Carolina offers her even worse news: Obama now leads 33-29. Of course this is really bad stuff for home-boy Edwards, as he’s dropped to 18 percent.

The latest Iowa polling has Edwards (23.8%) and Clinton (23.5%) in a dead heat with Obama (17.5%) trailing by about 6 points. Notably, Richardson (10.3%) breaks double digits here.

I don’t know that a loss of the Iowa caucuses is a huge concern for the Clinton camp by itself. As of several months ago (the latest Nevada polling I could find), she had 37 percent to Edwards 13 percent and Obama’s 12 percent.

I would love to see a more recent poll because Nevada of all places could prove crucial to Clinton hopes. If she goes into Super Tuesday having lost all four prior match-ups, it seems to me that she’s got a big challenge in front of her.