A general guide to figuring out which candidate has an issue profile compatible with yours. (Tip of the hat to Adam Robins.)

I was somewhat surprised by my results:

Kucinich 33
Dodd 30
Biden 29
Gravel 29
Richardson 28
Edwards 26
Brownback 24
Obama 23
Clinton 23
Paul 15
Giuliani 15
McCain 14
Huckabee 12
Hunter 10
Thompson 9
Tancredo 9
Romney 7
Gilmore 4

Overall, you can’t take this as the be-all, end-all of voting, of course. The quiz has me disagreeing with Obama on Iraq, for example, which is news to me. And even if we might disagree on the partition of Iraq now, surely that he was opposed to the invasion in the first place counts for a lot more in my book.

Beyond these flaws, the largest issues for me right now are competence and trust. Those subjective items would eliminate virtually everyone in the Republican field except Ron Paul. Despite sharing some of my views, top Republican Brownback is a creationist–a disqualifying factor on the issue of competence. Otherwise no Republican candidate scored higher than the lowest scoring Democrat for me. I continue to have huge trust issues with Clinton–a hurdle over which I may not be able to surmount, but the implication is clear: I’m probably voting Democratic regardless of the nominee.