Long-time readers may recall my words of four years ago:

Never before had I witnessed the messy democracy that is the Iowa caucus. I’m not convinced this is the best way to elect a president, but it sure made for exciting reality TV on C-SPAN.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure up for another go-round. These four years of Bush-led disaster can’t put into the history books fast enough. As I’ve said innumerable times, we’ve just suffered with one of the worst presidents in our history and at the precise time when we needed one of the best. Any number of people would have done the job better–certainly Al Gore or John Kerry–and I dare say a random bloke grabbed off the street would’ve been unlikely to do worse unless Dick Cheney were still the veep.

But that’s the past and the Iowa caucus is all about the future. As many of you know, I’m hoping that future is Barak Obama, a former University of Chicago constitutional law professor, a fantastic orator, and a man with an optimistic vision for the country.

Obama is my horse in this race, and while yours might be different (I confess that the chestnut-maned stud named Edwards has a particular appeal), I hope we can agree that tomorrow night’s Democratic caucus needs to be anything but a Clinton coronation.

For the record, I’m predicting a finish of Obama, Edwards and Clinton. (On the GOP side, I think it will be Huckabee, Romney, McCain. I also think Guilani is finished, not just in Iowa but everywhere.)

We’ll see!