Santa brought Nintendo’s latest game console, Wii (pronounced “wee”), to our household this year and early returns are very favorable.

The included Wii Sports games are remarkably fun and playable for grandkids and grandparents alike. (Indeed my favorite Wii moment thus far may have been Grandma Liz rushing the length of the house to inform Grandpa Bernard and me that she’d gotten a new high score in Wii Sports Bowling.)

The Wii Sports games are potentially games anyone can love and get good at. Evidence: Eight year-old cousin Jared (followed very closely by Grandma Liz) ended up with the overall bowling high score. Jonah KO’d me in boxing in the third round. Uncles Mark and Joe reigned at golf and I was probably though not unquestionably best at tennis. Mark and Joe were again likely the best at baseball, though I improved dramatically after some batting practice.

Another fun feature in the ability for each person to create a little cartoon look-alike character called a “Mii.” These Miis retain records of their scores and can be transported via Wii Remote to play on other Wii consoles.

Apparently, the Wii will play old Nintendo GameCube games as well as Nintendo DS games. I would be lying if I told you this meant very much to me, as I’m only interested in games that get people up off the sofa and force them to move around using the Wii remote. Older games, as you might imagine, don’t do this.

But there are apparently scores that do, and as Nintendo continues to sell Wiis as fast as they can make them, more interactive games are undoubtedly on the way.

It’s not Apple technology, but in the Wii you’ve got a great example of a high tech consumer product done right. Highly recommended.