Samantha Power, one of Barak Obama’s foreign policy advisors and a Pulitzer Prize winner at Harvard University resigns after saying

In Ohio, they are obsessed and Hillary is going to town on it, because she knows Ohio’s the only place they can win. She is a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything.

Now ordinary I’d let this sort of thing just slide off into the sunset, chalking it up to negative politics (like we’ve not gotten loads of that from the Clintons in the last couple weeks), and think nothing more about it.

But here’s the thing: I’ve heard Samantha Power speak and read some of her work, and she is one of the smartest people to whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening. I’m not saying she was wrong to say what she said—you can read more about it here—but I’m also not saying she was wrong in what she said. (It also sounds to me like she got a bit hosed by the reporter, but so it goes.)

Read Samantha Power’s impressive bio here. Personally, I hope she’s in Obama’s cabinet.