Okay, I’m (once again) not going to say definitively that the game is over because, frankly, I find myself smitten with babies and little kids. Just adore them. It’s wonderful to be so needed, it’s great fun to help them learn, and it’s awe-inspiring to watch them grow.

But current thinking is that we’ve had the kids we’re going to have. In Jonah, Elisha and Jillian we’ve got ourselves a marvelous family, and as much as there is a temptation to add one more (four was always our limit), unless we’re unexpectedly blessed, we don’t plan on more kids.

Simply put, both Erin and I are burning the candle at both ends in watching the brood, and believe it or not we have desires outside of parenthood. In some ways, the success of MacAtoZ—which, recession or not, has been going gangbusters this year—has made things even more difficult. The overlapping time between when Erin gets home from school and I go off to see a client (or sometimes to play soccer) is minimal, and for as much as I love my kids, I love my wife a bundle too (which I hardly need add is how we got into this mess).

So I think we’re done, though we’re still leaving the door open a crack just because once Jonah hits Kindergarten and Elisha heads to pre-school, well, maybe one more wouldn’t be that much trouble, you know?

But for right now, I think we’re good at three.